I just wanted to take a moment to thank you! I started coming to your office in 2006. It was at that time you came upon a plan to give me the smile I have today. In 2008 we moved to WI. I did not realize how good I had it until I had to visit a different dentist. I knew we were eventually coming back to MI... Once I knew when, your office was one of the first places I called.

It is a pleasure to have dental work done at your office. I adore your entire staff and of course YOU too!! You and your team have my every confidence! That is why I take every opportunity I can get to tell my friends, family and neighbors how great Trillium Dental is. Thank you for everything!

- Keri

The results I got from orthodontics and SmileBond at Trillium Dental are absolutely incredible!

At age 51, I finally got what I had dreamed of since childhood. I had always wanted braces because of my overbite, but was told in my 20s that I was not a candidate because of the loss of some of my molars. I was heartbroken but eventually resolved to the thinking that my teeth would not be able to be “fixed.” Dr. Bill and his team at Trillium Dental changed that thinking!

About 1-1/2 years ago I decided to switch dentists. I saw an add for Trillium Dental and remembered the sign I saw out front of their office with the “before and after picture.” I decided to call. Right away, I loved going there. The staff, atmosphere, and facilities were wonderful.

After Dr. Bill’s assessment of my case, he told me I was a candidate for orthodontics and offered SmileBond that would restore deteriorated biting surfaces. Dr. Bill executed a superb job with his skill, knowledge, and expertise. I really had no idea just how beautiful the result would be; I love it — all I can do is smile!! And I will say, the benefit is not only improved appearance but improved function as well.

I thank the whole team at Trillium for their support, encouragement, and excellent care.

- Julie

My wife and I have been patients of Trillium Dental for three years now. We have always appreciated the friendly, top-notch service extended by your office staff, the expert cleanings provided by your hygienists, and the quality routine dental care - from exams and x-rays to the occasional filling and crown - performed by you and "Dr. Barb".

As you know, my own history of dental care has been, at best, irregular. As a child, I learned the value of great dental hygiene (brush three times a day, and floss, floss, floss!) a little late, and as a young man I was unable to afford regular dental visits and orthodontics. As a result, my mouth has been a hodge-podge of enormous silver filling, missing cuspids, crooked molars and cracked incisors. A few years back, I set out to reverse the damage done by all the unintended and unfortunate neglect.

Doc, you're a creative genius.

In just a few visits during the last year, and without a lot of a strain on my wallet or my jawbone, you have managed to transform the hesitant, peg-toothed grimace of a minor-league hockey player into the ear-to-ear, pearly, white grin of a happy, confident man. I have a wonderful wife, a beautiful baby daughter, and a semi-obedient, fiercely loyal Airedale Terrier. I love my house, my community, my career. I've always had lots of reasons to smile. Now you've given me the means.

- L.A.C.

I would like to take time to thank you and your staff for making a difference in my life. You have given me a reason to smile and feel beautiful again. My previous dental work made me ashamed to smile and ashamed of myself for not knowing better. But I've learned that people will sell you a dream if you let them.

You have true talent and I thank God for blessing you and making you the beautiful creature that you are. You are compassionate, honest, and most important you listen to your patients. Do not ever change. I cannot begin to put into words the joy and peace you have put back into my life. It is funny how minor changes can affect a person in a major way.

Thank you Dr. Bill and staff for your expertise and concern.

- Tenera

Thank you for making smiling more fun for me. For forty-five years, I considered doing "something" about my crooked, yellowish teeth - but I didn't know what that would be. Trillium Dental's colorful advertisement in a local magazine, complete with an actual before / after photo, was my catalyst for seeking some kind of remedy.

While I have had regular dental check-ups SINCE AGE 15, a 1949 reaction to injections left me in fear of any major dental "renovation" and in anguish over pain to come. Your initial consultation was painless and convincing. Had you used "high pressure tactics" I would have been out of there fast! It was, however, your sincerity and quiet, reserved manner that convinced me to trust your judgement. Plus, your willingness to meet my almost impossible "important event deadline" for tooth beauty was unbelievable. The procedure was virtually painless and you delivered in every way giving me a lot to smile about.

I am not used to spending money on myself, so the procedure seemed quite costly. However, at no time since have I reflected on the amount of money spent; I simply consider my smile priceless.

Your expertise is impressive. Near equal to that is the fine working relationship you share with your staff. To me, that says a lot toward achieving the best possible results for one happy client. Thanks for a great job well done.

- Mrs. B.A.T.

I am deeply grateful for the dental work Dr. Bill has done on my teeth. He is a dedicated professional who is a gentle and caring person. Dr. Bill applied his expert knowledge of dentistry to improving my "smile".

I get compliments from my co-workers and friends about my teeth. They even tell me that I do not have the teeth of a person who is 60 years old, and that makes me "smile". Thank you for Dr. Bill for helping me to "look and feel good" about myself.

- Lonnie

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