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Drs. Bill, Barb and Sean welcome you to the Trillium Dental practice.

Trillium Dental Wellness Center has offered reliable general dentistry, advanced restorative, and preventive care dental services to the Greater Lansing Area since 1993. We utilize only the most advanced equipment and techniques available to ensure your safety and satisfaction. Our inviting office and friendly staff members and Lansing dentists are also committed to making you feel completely comfortable and at ease during your appointment.

Make sure to take a look at our Smile Gallery to see how our effective services have helped others to achieve the smile of their dreams. Once we have provided you with the dental services you need, we will also provide you with the education that you need to maintain your bright, beautiful smile from home. To schedule an appointment with this experienced Lansing dentist, give us a call at 517-485-3444.

Mission Statement:
COMPLETE DENTAL WELLNESS through Teamwork, Education and Innovation.

Trillium Dental PC serves all Greater Lansing communities including East Lansing, Okemos, DeWitt and Haslett since its inception in 1993. 

Trillium Dental is a Primary Care, General Dental practice, offering cleanings, exams and all other types of routine dental services. 

Trillium Dental also offers Advanced Restorative and Preventive Care

More about our Mission: 

The Staff and Doctors of Lansing, MI, Trillium Dental have worked together as a team for many years.  Understanding the value of an experienced team for achieving goals more efficiently and effectively than could be done on an individual basis, our team uses a coaching model to help our clients achieve their oral health goals.

Education is the key to achieving oral health goals.  The Doctors and staff realize that we are with our clients one-on-one for relatively short time periods during the course of a year, so we must provide you with tools and techniques which empower you to succeed at maintaining ideal oral health between visits.

Trillium Dental’s philosophy is to attack dental problems with tried and true methods, combined with innovation. The Drs. Vuillemot invented a unique restorative teeth bonding process and were granted a U.S. patent for their innovation, in 2007.  In 2010 they were granted Trademark rights for their process, now known as SmileBond Systems.  The Staff and Dentists of Lansing believe that innovative solutions will be essential for solving the complex oral health challenges facing us in the future.

Thank You for your interest in our Work!

We invite you to browse our Smile Gallery and to Contact Us for an appointment or for further information. 

Dr William C Vuillemot
Dr Barbara A Vuillemot

Dr. Sean Zielinski
and Trillium Dental Staff